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DAVID 6.8 Oct. 2016

-- The DAVID Knowledgebase completely rebuilt
-- Entrez Gene integrated as the central identifier to allow for more timely updates
while still incorporating Ensembl and Uniprot as integral data sources
-- New GO category (GO Direct) provides GO mappings directly annotated by the source database (no parent terms included)
-- New annotation categories
-- New list identifier systems added for list uploading and conversion
-- A few bugs fixed

DAVID 6.7 Jan. 2010

-- The DAVID Knowledgebase completely rebuilt, including the central DAVID id system
-- Ensembl Gene included as an integral data source
-- DAVID engine completely rebuilt to facilitate future updates and development
-- New GO category (GO FAT) filters out very broad GO terms based on a measured specificity of each term (not level-specificity)
-- New annotation categories
-- New list identifier systems added for list uploading and conversion
-- Automatic list naming based on uploaded file name
-- Ability to upload expression/other values (some display, but otherwise not used in the analysis at this point)
-- A few bugs fixed
-- and more

DAVID 2008 April. 2008

-- The DAVID Knowledgebase available for downloads (updated March 2008)
-- Some new annotation categories
-- Ensembl Gene and Illumina added for list uploading.
-- A few bugs fixed

DAVID 2007 Jan. 2007

-- The DAVID Knowledgebase available for downloads
-- The DAVID API Services for linking to DAVID from other websites
-- Some new annotation categories: Tissue expression (GNP,CGAP,UNIGENE EST); NCI thesaurus; Reactome; Pather; etc.
-- A few bugs fixed
-- A couple of new funtionalities to be incoporated in the summer time.

DAVID 2006  May. 2006

-- New function in functional annotation tool: Term functional classification
-- Added pre-built Affy gene background
-- Allowed user loaded customized gene background
-- Re-designed DAVID web layout from multiple frames to single frame
-- Re-designed key calculation engines from Oracle database query to memory data query
-- Updated all data contents of DAVID knowledgebase
-- Added new tissue expression data
-- Added easy sort function to most of result pages
-- Moved data download link/buttons to result pages
-- Launched DAVID Forum to efficiently share experiences among DAVID community

DAVID 2.1 Beta Aug. 2005

-- New tool: Functional Classification
-- New function: fuzzy heat map
-- New function: 2-D heat map
-- A few bugs fixed

DAVID 2.1 alpha   Feb. 2005

-- DAVID expanded from single "Functional Annotation Tool" to multiple tools (see below) and new home page designed to host multiple tool sets
-- New tool: DAVID Gene Accession Conversion
-- New tool: NIAID Pathogen Genome Browser
-- New function in functional annotation tool: Term-term linear search
-- New function functional annotation tool: Gene-gene linear search
-- New summary options in functional annotation: advanced and standard
-- New summary layout in functional annotation: expandable tree structure
-- Optimized oracle query to speed up the summary page in functional annotation
-- Added Unigene Database to increase the coverage of GI
-- Updated most of the data contents for DAVID knowledgebase

DAVID 2.0 Beta   Nov. 2004

-- Tuned up SQL query to speed up search
-- New function: "Pathway Mapping"  to allocate given genes on static pathway pictures
-- Fixed some bugs

DAVID 2.0 Alfa  Sept. 2004

-- New annotation contents:  much more annotation resources integrated to DAVID knowledgebase.
-- New integration solution: DAVID Gene Concept to replace LocusLink-centric structure
-- Updated most of the existing data contents for DAVID knowledgebase
-- Developed completely new oracle schemas to hold DAVID knowledagebase
-- Developed completely new interfaces
-- Developed "Enhanced Function" for homologue comparisons
-- Introduced "DAVID gene ID" as an internal unqiue gene cluster ID
-- Introduced "DAVID Chart Report"
-- Introduced "DAVID Table Report"
-- Introduced "DAVID Gene Report"
-- Introduced "Export Function" to save selected annotation results
-- Developed "Gene List Manager"
-- Developed "Create Sublist Function"

DAVID 1.0   June 2003
--Fisher Exact test for gene-enrichment analysis
--DAVID knowledagbase linked by LocusLink

Last Edit: May 2006

 Please cite Nature Protocols 2009; 4(1):44 & Nucleic Acids Res. 2009;37(1):1 within any publication that makes use of any methods inspired by DAVID.
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